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Britta K. Ostermeyer, MD, MBA, DFAPA

Welcome to AACDP and thank you for visiting our webpage!

AACDP is the premier organization for Chairs and Vice Chairs of Departments of Psychiatry in the United States and Canada. If you are a Psychiatry Chair or Vice Chair, we want you as a member and leader! Our collegial annual meetings provide excellent opportunities to network with other psychiatry leaders, share information, and advance leadership skills. The AACDP annual meetings include a spring meeting in May as part of American Psychiatric Association meetings as well as a fall meeting in September. The spring meeting features the Scientific Accomplishment Award Presentation and the fall meeting includes the AACDP Leadership Award Presentation. In addition, teleconferencing sessions on topics of mutual interest are held throughout the year.

I would like to personally thank Dr. Timothy Soundy, Chair of Psychiatry at the University of South Dakota, for his services as President of AACDP over this past year. AADCP is also grateful to Dr. Moira Rynn, Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University who, in her role as the AACDP Program Chair, put together a successful fall Zoom teleconference featuring excellent presentations by Drs. Saul Levin, Joshua Gordon, Anita Everett, Ken Duckworth, and Josepha Cheong. In addition, Dr. Laura Roberts, Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, recipient of the 2020 AACDP Leadership Award, delivered a powerful and insightful Leadership Award Lecture.

It is an exciting time for the field of psychiatry and our medical students nationwide are realizing this potential as interest in psychiatric residencies is at an all-time high. In particular now during the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of psychiatry has excelled through efforts to reach out to more patients across the nation quickly via telehealth and other avenues.

Thank you for this opportunity to work with you and serve you as President during the coming year!


Britta K. Ostermeyer, MD, MBA, DFAPA
President, American Association of Chairs of Departments of Psychiatry, 2020-21

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